Growing Degree Days (GDDs) and Degree Day anomaly graphs

Growing Degree Days (GDDs)

This map displays the latest accumulated Growing Degree Days (GDDs) since 1 September 2016 in the Waipara wine-growing region. GDDs were derived from the weather conditions forecast by the WRF model. The black dot indicates the Waipara growing-region.
This page will be updated regularly. So come back later to check out the latest GDD developments in the region.
Please note that the Growing Degree Days are determined using a base temperature of 0˚C, as in the Grapevine Flowering and Veraison model (Parker et al. 2011).

Degree Day anomaly graphWaiparaThis graph plots the Degree-day deviation from the long-term average of ten growing seasons since 2003-4 for Mackenzies Road, Waipara, based on the Grapevine Flowering Veraison model (using a threshold temperature of zero degrees centigrade). It provides an idea of how the current growing season compares with the previous nine, and will normally be updated on a weekly basis.

These charts are provided courtesy of the University of Canterbury Geography Department
The charts are only updated during the growing season from September to April.