The Boneline

The Boneline is our watercourse to strange pasts
The river and the permeated landscape
The charcoal poem of ancient bones
The fossil’s hieroglyph
A deep and local telepathy of watercourse and strata
Wine grown on the shoulders of giants
Made here with humility and heart

The Bone Line. Named in reference to the nearby K-T Boundary line that is evidence of the global catastrophe of an asteroid impact on the earth and the end of the Mesozoic Era and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Each of the wines’ labels features fossils discovered in the Waipara River dating back as far as 65 million years. The labels thus bear a tangible connection with the land on which the fruit is grown, old vines and the family partnership of Tutton Sienko & Hill’s growing experience.↓

The Boneline does not have tasting facilities but people are welcome to visit and purchase from the cellar door during working hours Monday through Friday. Visits, particularly for groups, are welcome but should be arranged in advance.

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