The Third Man

The 3rd Man was founded on the belief that Waipara is one of the world’s great wine regions. We partner Waipara’s finest vineyards with the most talented young winemakers to produce wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the region and its people. All wines are limited in quantity, accentuating the finest qualities of the vineyards and the people who make them.

Waipara Valley is a region that is unique in its expression of wine’s European origins. We choose to accentuate balance over power, natural acidity, and elegance.

In the winery, we craft our wines using artisan techniques using only wild yeasts (from the winery and vineyards) and making our wines in small batches with care. We allow time for the wines to ferment, avoiding harsh extraction, and allow extended time on lees for development. The result is wines that are not big and obvious, but have depth and complexity in flavour and enjoyment, each a unique representation of vineyard and season, an expression of people and place.